Author: Hal Janssen

Say What, World Listens, Who Hears

“How was the tilapia?” “Somebody died in a fog.” •••••••• “Sine Pari,” says the bumper sticker, “I ask what does that mean?” She says, “Without equal!” ••••••• Bullet Head Doogan, said, “One day I think I have it figured out…

July 4th, Independence Day

Many years ago our fore fathers signed the Declaration of Independence!  This was to declare the Thirteen colonies “Free and Independent States… Absolved from all Allegiance to the British Crown.”  This was one of the biggest and significant actions ever…

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter to all our friends, fans and contributors! Eat some food, eat some candy and enjoy your families! Thanks for the visit! Be well! Please shop at Amazon using our link, click here!