It’s Our Smiley Lady, Ruth’s Blog: Wandering Without Purpose

Wandering Without Purpose. 

Wandering without purpose is really great. But, there ought to be a nicer way to describe killing time, other than “killing time.”

I’m not talking about trying to make downtime sound like it was spent in a worthy manner. Nope, nothing highfalutin*. Not exercising, or getting fresh air or enjoying nature, or even meditating.

Just wasting time without feeling wasteful. Just plain and simple doing nothing and having no goal. And, doing that on purpose. Some of the best days are the ones about which you’d have to answer, “Nothing.” when asked what you’d been up to.

I’m advocating saying the answer nothing proudly! That in itself is an achievement (oops, I said no goal).

Smile. Be happy!

* I’ve never typed highfalutin before. Love the word. Always thought it was 2 words. Had to get Spell Check to figure it out for me. Gotta love Spell Check!

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