A Smiley Lady’s Blog: “Don’t Miss Opportunities to be Happy.”

These holes are in an archway where a gate swings to lock up the entrance. I imagine the worker who drilled not 1 but 6 holes before getting one in the right place was none too happy. I wish I’d been there to point out that it was Smiley good luck that his/her errors left a reason for all to smile. And no, we’re not laughing at you, we’re laughing at how great life can be!

I’m always saying, “Don’t miss opportunities to be happy.”

Here an example from my life this week: I’m getting ready for the wedding of a friend. Getting ready includes figuring out what to wear. So, I’ve settled on a black and white polka dotted dress. Shoes, earrings, belt and sunglasses all polka dotted, too. Then in the spirit of eeeeking out as much enjoyment as possible, I got black and white polka dotted wrapping paper. That’s what they call accessorizing, baby! Ooo if only there was a way to add white polka dots to my black car . . . suggestions?

Smile. Be happy. Being goofy helps.


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