A Smiley Lady’s Blog: “Don’t Miss Opportunities to be Happy.” Part 2

Don’t have a lot of bathroom Smileys!

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I’m always saying, “Don’t miss opportunities to be happy.” part 2

My dear old dad used to love to play around with probability and the nature of randomness. One way this played out was in his daily shaving routine. Not wanting to “hurt the feelings” of any one flavor of shaving cream, by buying just one flavor, he bought them all. No. I’m not kidding, every flavor. He had brand loyalty, so only one company’s shaving cream. But to be clear, he then bought every flavor that company made: bay rum, menthol, lemon lime, musk, etc.

Then came the quandary of how to pick which to use on any given day. There they were, all lined up along the bathroom counter. Pick any one, and the others would be chest fallen not to have been the one selected. I suppose he could have simply gone through them one by one, but where’s the fun in that? Where’s the fun for my dad? Where’s the fun for the shaving cream?

Instead he devised a complicated dice game; each day rattling the dice in a cup and spilling them onto the counter, the dice dictating which flavor to use that day. That way each day was filled with the unknown. Each day all the eager flavors held out hope that today would be the day when they got picked.

Silly? Sure. But an element of fun was injected into this mundane task. Fill your life with silliness. Even the boring-est things you do can be done in ways that give you a reason to smile!!

Smile. Be happy!



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