A Smiley Lady’s Blog: “Don’t Miss Opportunities to be Happy.” Part 3

Can’t think of anything more mundane than ironing!

Underside of the Ironing Board Smiley




I’m always saying, “Don’t miss opportunities to be happy.” part 3 

You can find fun in every situation, if it is your intention to do so.One reporter’s headline about the Spontaneous Smiley Project was: Finding Mirth in the Mundane. That’s what this project is all about.But, when fun doesn’t seem to be there (ironing, errands, waiting in line), you can make fun. The story of my dad making a game out of shaving is a good example.

Here’s another example that comes right from getting ready this morning. Whenever I get to the end of a jar of vitamins, instead of consuming the last ones and then getting a new jar, I put the last few from the old jar into the new jar.

Why? I figure those last guys had managed to survive every time I’d unscrewed the lid and took their brethren instead of them. Why not toss them into the new jar. Why not give them a chance to survive a little longer.

And it’s got to be a big thrill for them (here I know I am my father’s daughter, talking about the feelings of objects). After all for the last many weeks their odds of getting consumed rose everyday as the number of vitamins remaining in the jar diminished. Suddenly they are tossed and mixed into a full new jar. No longer are they one among a few; now they are one among many.

Who knows? They might make it to the end of this jar as well. I’m rooting for them. But I also like, that I’ll never know.

Smile. Be happy! Be happy in the minutia of your life.


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