Our Smiley Lady Ruth’s Blog: Never Let Urgent, Crowd Out Important

“Never let the Urgent, crowd out the important.” ~ Kelly Caitlin Walker

I just stumbled on this quote and loved it. No idea who this woman is, just know she’s got it right.*

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I think I do live by this credo. Just take a look at the laundry that needs folding and the weeds that need pulling, and, and, and. I could go on and on! Both of those chores could have been given priority today. But oh well, they weren’t. Oh well, pushed to the back burner, again.

Stove Smiley (back burner not shown)

And miraculously, the world didn’t stop spinning. Actually, no miracle need for this one, and that’s the lesson: it is ok to decide to allow yourself to put off, to de-prioritize the things we often wrongly think of as urgent. And, it’s way cool to go down your TO DO list, changing things from TO DO to TO DON’T.

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How does this translate when you’re the parent trying to get kids to get things done? Perhaps, it is our job to reassess what we have prioritized. Do they really need to have a spotless room or do they need to go outside to check on how the storm runoff has affected the creek? Homework? Yes. Empty the dishwasher? Not so urgent.

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Even more importantly as parents we should teach through example. How? No phone calls during meals; a call may be urgent but a family’s together time is important. No skipping your kid’s school performance; your may have pressing tasks that feel urgentbut your child’s desire for you to be there is important.

Telephone Cradle Smiley

So what did I do today (instead of laundry)? A ton of really cool stuff. All of it important, to me. All of it things no discerning eye, will every be able to discern. But my sense of satisfaction, for a day well spent, is all, and should be all, I need. You don’t get that from merely dealing with the urgent.

I’m not advocating that we teach our children to be slackers. But it is a very good idea, to teach them, to prioritize engaging with the world and other people with the goal of feeling and sharing happiness, contentment and joy.

Smile. Be happy


P.S.: I did dump the laundry onto the bed so there’ll be no sleeping until that one gets done. Actually kind of looking forward to it as it’s just about the only time I ever turn on the TV. Plus I might as well decide to enjoy it— hating the job doesn’t get it done any faster!

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