Build an Ark or Clear the Drains!


What do you get when snow melts? Come on, you can get this one! What do you get when snow melts? Water, right! Yeah, water! And, with a lot of snow you get. . . a lot of water.

When the mountains of  snow we have now, melts there will be a lot of water. And, since the rest of the week will be above freezing, we are going to have lots of water! So, we all need to be good citizens and shovel our street’s drains, in our neighborhoods so this water has a place to go without the delayed obstruction of existing snow and ice. If we clear our drains the water will flood less, get off the roads and when it gets cold again it will not be on the surface to freeze again!

And, as an extra bonus for your neighborhood, clean around the fire hydrants in the event that they are still embedded in the snow banks! Thanks on behalf of, your neighbors and our canine and human community!

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