Every Kid Should be able to Ride His Bicycle, Help Scott Ride His!

Greetings to you from Scott Booker, if only he talk he would be asking you for your help to vote for him to win a Buddy Bike.  It costs you nothing and takes only a few seconds to open this attachment and click on the vote box to help him collect the most votes to win a bike which he would enjoy riding. Then if you really want to get on his good side, print off a copy of this attachment and have all your friends, family, coworkers, and anyone else you know vote for him also.  The QR code/scan box is slick for smart phones and was made for Scott by my son Brian to ease the voting process! The sky is the limit and we are all counting on you to help Scott.  And, Thank you!

Scott BookerScott Booker

 Scott was born with Angelman Syndrome, which is a neurological condition on the 15th chromosome that causes him to be non-verbal, seizures, developmental delays in all areas, happy in personality, and life long dependent in his care.

He has never experienced participating in the joy of bike riding as he is not able to steer a bike or comprehend the need for balance, steering, or safety factors involved. The buddy bike would allow him to experience the thrill of riding as controlled by the back seat driver. Also, the pedals would allow for him to gain some exercise with the fun. He would be able to join in on family fun, verses being left on the sidelines.

The buddy bike would allow for him to ride on bike paths/trails and is able to be transported to sites to ride with family. Winning a buddy bike would make this possible for Scott!

link booker





VOTE THROUGH – March 25th


Or visit— https://www.friendshipcircle.org/bikes/2014/03/scott/

from your smart phone, tablet, and computer to VOTE for Scott to win this bike!!!!

Thank you so much!!!

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