Bob LeFish on the Olympics, Valentine’s Day and Complaining

Bob here.  Bob LeFish, you know from the videos on YouTube! Hal’s my human, OK now you’re getting’ it. I hate to get on here and complain, I mean Hal did take me sledding a couple times last week.  I did love it and the all the snow, even though I was cold and almost froze like a Mrs. Paul’s fillet.

We only went twice! There is still snow out there, a bunch of it!  Hal shovels that snow all around, he could make me my own Olympic Park in the driveway!  We could do a whole ceremony, with torches and everything!  I think people would love to see that!  Mike DePleco and myself skiing, eating fish flakes, sledding, ice skating, eating fish flakes, singing, eating fish flakes, karate, and all the events we want to do.  We could cancel all the boring ones!

But, I’m getting off topic, I was going to complain!  Now what was I going to complain about?  Oh, crap, I can’t remember!

See, we all have stuff to complain about, but when we think about things we like and want to do, we forget about what is bothering us!  We all have legitimate things to complain about, but if we address those issues and don’t make them bigger than they are, we have time for the fun things that make us happy!  I hope it snows more this week, at the Olympics where they really need it, and here, so Mike, Hal and I can go out and do some sledding!  Hope you are all well and have a Happy Valentine’s Day!

Take care,


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Remember fish are not food!  Have a steak or some chicken instead!

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