Valentine’s Day is a SCAM!

Cupid“It’s all just another way to get your money.” That was the basic thought at the lunch table full of nerds where I work today. We all then went around the table asking each other what they got for their wife or insignificant other. Gifts ranged from a gold dipped rose to flowers and candy to cupcakes. “But these are special cupcakes” he said, as we all laughed. Special cupcakes? How much did they cost. He wasn’t telling at that point.

I had fallen victim to it too. I had heard the recently married young lady caddy corner from my office telling her husband (another valentine’s day sucker) about how beautiful her bouquet of flowers was and how thoughtful he was for getting ordering them for her. So of course I felt like a real jackass for not doing that for my wife. So not 5 seconds later I’m on the phone with 1800flowers asking if they could get a $85 bunch of flowers in a vase over to where my wife works by 3pm. They said “sure can” as they took my credit card number. Well 3pm came and went and by 3:40 my wife called and said that she was leaving for the day. I had told her about the flowers and that I was disappointed that they didn’t make it there in time. As it turns out, it is the thought that counts since she was happy to hear I had at least tried to do such a romantic thing. The moment I rolled in the door at home I called up 1-800-flowers to ask why they had not been delivered by the promised time. I waited on hold for 20 minutes before I got someone to gripe to. They were apologetic and canceled my order. I sure hope the “credit”for the $85 shows up sometime before I get my monthly statement.

So what have I learned from all this? Nothing. I am a man and therefore cannot learn anything new. Even if I did manage to get a littlebit of new knowledge into my noggin, it would fall out the minute I turned on the TV or got hungry.

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1 comment for “Valentine’s Day is a SCAM!

  1. Henry
    November 8, 2009 at 10:12 pm

    You could always make those meat cupcakes as part of a lovely Valentine’s Day dinner for your lady!


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