www.wolframalpha.com – It’s a Computational Knowledge Engine – Don’t Miss This, Share with Friends

I saw this about a year ago and played with it a bit.  It has come a long way and it is still in the early stages, but it is very amazing.  I wanted to suggest it to our friends here at friendlysuggestions.com – more than a search engine it is a “Computational Knowledge Engine.”  As it grows it will be a useful tool for all of us and we should check it out now!  Review the introduction first and then play with it.  It is awesome and will be more awesome as it gets further developed.  What these folks are doing is absolutely amazing and will make a huge difference in all of our lives! Bravo wolframalpha!

Here is the email as I got it!


I just got this from a friend via, email and it’s an absolute fountain of valuable information. It looks like you can ask it just about anything and come up with a ton of resource material. It’s a little bit too hard to explain, just watch the video introduction and don’t forget to close your mouth after your jaw drops open by the time it’s finished.

Watch the Introduction first:


Then save the Site in your favorites:


Be well and enjoy!


Note: Please do some playing around and testing with this Computational Knowledge Engine and report back in the reply area how things go.  If we get enough of a response I will contact wolframalpha.com and the results could help them with their developing this amazing tool!

2 comments for “www.wolframalpha.com – It’s a Computational Knowledge Engine – Don’t Miss This, Share with Friends

  1. -d-
    June 27, 2010 at 8:51 pm

    This is simply amazing!

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