Timex Watches, Great Prices and a Great Value

watchI lost my watch the other day.  And, I looked at my naked wrist for 18 hours.  I don’t know how folks can walk around without a watch.  Sure, I have the time on my cell phone and there are clocks around, but a watch is a part of life.  I’m not a clock-watcher or a watch watcher, if you will.  I just like knowing what time it is and looking at my wrist to find out is desirable and comfortable for me.  The watch that I lost was having an issue with one of the pins that hold the watch to the watchband.  One of the pins had come loose several times in the last few weeks.  I said, to myself, I have to get a new pin before I loose this watch.  Unfortunately, I didn’t, I was in the Laundromat when the pin let loose and the watch fell off.  I knew it had fallen.  So, I put it on top of a washer in the Laundromat and made a mental note to put it in my pocket when I was done folding my socks.  Then I got distracted because the Swedish Bikini Team was at the Laundromat again, washing their uniforms.  I was watching these athletes when I should have been watching my watch.

So, I went and got a new watch, it’s the exact same model watch that I lost.  And it’s a Timex.  Timex used to have a commercial that stated, “It takes a lickin’ and keeps on tickin.'”  And that is true, these watches do hold up to the punishment that I dish out.  When I was younger the Timex watches were limited in style.  Today there are numerous styles, digital and analog with calculators and all kinds of features.  I prefer a simple watch, one that is water resistant and is in the diver watch style.  I wear my watch all the time and never take it off.  I even wear it in the shower.  The model I have is a Timex Expedition and the face can light up to view it easily in the dark.  It has the day of the week and date and is analog.  It has hands that go around and point to numbers.  It is simple to read and simple to understand.  No programming or complicated digital settings to fuss with.  I would recommend this watch to anyone who needs a watch that is simple, handsome and durable.

Timex makes many watches.  The company has been around for a long time.  The Timex watches that I have worn over the years have lasted a long time and served me well.  I had the one that I just lost for over a year.  I liked this watch and the brand so much I replaced it with the exact same one.  Timex watches are a really good value for the dollars you spend on them.  A friend of mine once said to me, “we have the same watch”, but, mine was a $35 black diver Timex and his was a $3500 Rolex.  Both watches kept time, looked the same and served us well.  You can have a beautiful watch at a reasonable price and it will perform superbly for you if it is a Timex.

Be well!

Here is a link to Timex watches at Amazon.

6 comments for “Timex Watches, Great Prices and a Great Value

  1. Adrian
    November 3, 2009 at 12:24 am

    Nice Wartch!

  2. November 5, 2009 at 2:23 am

    Just when I stop going to the laundromat!!

  3. sue
    November 5, 2009 at 4:03 pm

    but Hal, there is life without a watch. I wore my swiss army watch day and nite. Three in the morning I could look at it and say, “Hey, it’s three in the morning!” but then the battery died and even thou I have replaced that battery a few times before, this year I did not. Now I don’t have the watch tan line, and I don’t look at it a few dozen times a day. And guess what, I’m ok!

    Does anybody really know time it is, does anybody care? or maybe should anybody care….about time!

    Be well….

  4. Lesley
    December 31, 2009 at 7:29 am

    The watch I wore for over 10 years lost its winding stem. I decided it was time for a new one, so to speak. I chose a Timex. An “indiglo” model. I love pressing the stem to make it glow blue when the roomlight is dim. It’s a pretty gold and silver model and I can actually see the numbers without glasses, which at 52, is a great benefit. I’m a big Timex fan — they are a great value and sturdy, too.

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