Bachelor Chicken: The Only Dish Craig Makes that his Wife will Eat

Back when I was single, there were three things I knew how to make…

Spinach Salad (self-explanatory), Chicken Gizzards, Olives and Bacon (there, you have that recipe) And Bachelor Chicken (I’ll explain…)

My wife is like a world-class chef, so there’s little reason for me to cook anything anymore, but Bachelor Chicken is so good … it still survives in our house today, and it couldn’t be easier to make.

Bachelor Chicken 1

Start with breaded chicken breast cutlets (I use Perdue).  Spinach, cheese (Monterey Jack, or some white cheese … no yellow unless you’re six*), mushrooms, chopped garlic, and lemons or lemon juice.

Bachelor Chicken 2

Put the cutlets on a plate.

Bachelor Chicken 3

Put lemon juice on it (or very thinly cut lemons).  Top with cheese, chopped garlic, spinach and cut mushrooms.  My wife says to put the spinach under the chicken for a better presentation … but what does she know.  I’m a bachelor in this instance so I don’t do that stuff.  Put a LOT of spinach on, because when you heat it up, it reduces the spinach greatly.  Add salt n’ pepper.

Bachelor Chicken 4

Put waxed paper or plastic on it and microwave for two minutes (maybe more, maybe less … can’t remember right now.  The chicken’s pre-cooked, so just get it hot).

Bachelor Chicken 5

Pull the wax paper off and pour more lemon juice on it … then pour more lemon juice on it.

Serve and savor.

My wife says she’s gonna take my signature dish and cook it her way.  You know how they do that on Top Chef?  I don’t know … I don’t think it can be topped. Stay tuned.

* If you’re six, you shouldn’t be using a microwave

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