Our Smiley Lady: Ruth’s Experience on Multi-Tasking Losses

In the coming year, I vow to be a uni-tasker.

The whole idea that multitasking is wonderful and is how we should “get ahead” is absurd. Multitask and you lose the entire experience of each of the things you’ve jumbled together.

I just popped a piece of sourdough into the toaster and started to walk away. My plan was to switch a load of laundry from the washer to the dryer during the couple of minutes it would take to toast my bread to golden brown. As I started to step away I realized I was walking away from one of my favorite places to be, hovering over the warmth of the toaster. I warm my hands and breathe in the warm air. Wonderful. The pleasing feeling of the heat, the delicious smell of the bread, the anticipation of the flavors…and I almost missed it.

Here’s to spending our time experiencing all the little pleasures and letting the tasks that call out to us wait.



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