Our Smiley Lady’s Blog: I Think I’ll Play Pollyanna’s Glad Game

Surgery today to hopefully restore sight to my right eye. When I first got the news about losing sight in one eye, a Gloomy Gus voice inside me (all filled with feelings of panic and sadness) couldn’t quite believe that I had been so struck. I really need my eyes (as if that makes me unique). It took some discipline to listen, instead, to the Pollyanna voice inside me that was so glad that it was only one eye and gladder still to be alive in an age when surgery can almost for sure fix me right up.

I’ve learned that Pollyanna can always win out over Gloomy Gus. I’ve learned for that victory to happen, I need to choose to listen to and oft repeat the Pollyannic message. Talking to yourself with the voice in your head does change your outlook. Worry and Gloomy-Gus-talk makes you pessimistic.  Pollyanna-talk makes you optimistic. Neither can change what is.  But, both change your experience of what is.  The Dalai Lama said: If you have fear of some pain or suffering, you should examine whether there is anything you can do about it. If you can, there is no need to worry about it; if you cannot do anything, then also there is no need to worry about it. Wise dude that Dalai Lama.

People often mock/poke fun at me for being a Pollyanna, a Mr. Rogers, a Little Miss Sunshine, a Goody-Goody 2 Shoes, a Happy go Lucky, go with the flow, easy going, silly, feathers unruffled-able, easy breezy kind of gal. One can’t be as much of a Smiley Face aficionado as I am without attracting a few people who roll their eyes.

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They might tease, but I take their observations to be compliments. I take seriously my aspiration of being Mr. Rogers-like. Who wouldn’t want to be compared to Mr. Rogers? I certainly wouldn’t want to be likened to mean, hurtful, selfish people. And, I certainly wouldn’t want to decorate my office with or wear pajamas covered in Frowny Faces. That’d be a bummer.

Maybe it is childlike to assume the best and to paint a rosy picture. I’m fine with being childlike. I’d much rather be naïve than jaded, wide-eyed than closed minded, trusting than cynical.

Smile. Be happy.


P.S.: Don’t get the references of Gloomy Gus and Pollyanna? Again I say, ask an old person. Or Google it. I did and laughed that the info for Gloomy Gus included rhymes with autobus. That I’ll remember for a future limerick. As far as Pollyanna goes, go to Netflix right now and order the Disney movie from 1960. Enjoy the movie. Learn the Glad Game.

Above is Beam Smiley

(I’m beaming with happiness about my surgery)

Notes one week post surgery:  I’m the Happiest Girl, in the Whole U.S.A.! *

I am in a state of almost constant giddiness about how great, great, great is the outcome of my eye surgery. The eye that was funky and going downhill fast, now has perfect 20/20 vision! heaps and heaps of gratitude!

And get this, my surgeon wore pearls in the operating room. How Donna Reed of her! Loved that! Don’t get the Donna Reed reference…you know I’m going to say it: ask an old person, they’re very handy to have around.

* A line from a favorite song, by another Donna: Donna Fargo. Don’t get the reference, find the song on You Tube.




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P.S.: Check out the new page on the Spontaneous Smiley webpage: http://www.spontaneoussmiley.com/smileathon.htm

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