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How Much Mud Can You Carry in Your Underwear Challenge

Today I was remembering a day when my three kids were in the backyard making mud with the hose, lots and lots of mud. They’d come up with the marvelous, incredible, never before seen, How Much Mud Can You Carry in Your Underwear Challenge. Unbeknownst to me one of them had run into the house to get the bathroom scale. When I peeked out to check on them, there they were weighing themselves, hosing off and weighing again. Three happy, filthy kids doing math problems with a muddy stick (I almost wrote, with a “stick in the mud” but that means something completely different!).

I could have been grumpy that the scale was all muddy or that muddy little footprints ran from the back door to the bathroom. But being grumpy wouldn’t clean up the mud and being grumpy would definitely ruin their fun. I simply rejoiced in seeing them in cooperative play and using math to solve a real life question.

I was also happy that they had no concern that they would get in trouble. When they saw me watching it was not an uh-oh, we got caught moment. I have always tried to be that kind of mom, quick to smile and slow to scold. It’s a good way to deal with everyone, young and old.

Smile. Be Happy.





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