It’s Our Favorite Smiley Lady’s Blog: I Just Lost the Game

A Smiley wall in our living room, at left.

You know the Game that everyone was playing a couple of years ago? You were winning the game any time you were not thinking about the game. If you thought of the game you had to say aloud, ”I just lost the game.” Then any one hearing you would be reminded of the game and they’d have to say, “I just lost the game.” You are then immediately playing the game again, in fact you are always playing the game.

Some people hated this game. Not me. I loved it! I’m still playing it (and yes, I just lost the game). I’m going to play it forever.

The game reminds me of meditation. You’re not supposed to be thinking of anything at all. But, then you do. And, then you recognize that you have. But, then you just start again, to try to not think (about the game . . . or anything else.). You’re always playing the game, you’re always trying to have a life where you are not self conscious. You’re winning at the game of life when you’re not thinking about the game of life.

Cool game. As I said, I’ll be playing it forever.

Smile. Be Happy.


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