Here’s Our Smiley Lady, Ruth’s Blog: Be the Adjectives You Admire!

At right, Ruth, The Smiley Lady, at TEDx Silicon Valley 2011

Be the Adjectives You Admire! 

Can you think of 6 words to describe yourself? Probably not too hard to do.

But can you think of 6 words you wished you could use to describe yourself? Trickier, but a fun challenge. I’m thinking this is a pretty cool exercise. Maybe try to do it once a month…then at month’s end check in with yourself to evaluate how you’re doing. Might some of the words still need to be on the next month’s list of 6 to strive for?

I just had this idea this very minute as I was sitting here thinking about having been asked to give 6 words about me for the M.C.’s intro of me when I did my Ted Talk ( Trying to come up with 6 words that are your goal, is fun. I thought of ways I could describe positive feelings I had and then turned those into goals.

Enchanted, yes I’d like to be enchanting.

Excited, yes I’d like to be exciting.

Interested, yes I’d like to be interesting.

Delighted, yes I’d like to be delightful.

Jazzed. Yes, I’d like to be jazzy.

Lighthearted, Yes I’d like to be…lightheartedness-generating.

That last one was a bit tricky, but you get the idea.

I have my 6 words and I’m starting right now!

Smile. Be happy.


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