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Happy Halloween Everyone! Boooooooooo!

Hey, have fun and be safe, check out my earlier posts about #pumpkins, #halloweensafety! Enjoy the day & remember to share candy with your friends, family and parents!

Pumpkins are Icons of the Season

Pumpkins, pumpkins, pumpkins, it’s the fall and there are pumpkins everywhere.  Pumpkins on signs, on billboards, on TV, on farm stands, on posters for seasonal events, you can pick your own, you can paint them, you can carve them, you…

Photo Friday: Caption Contest

Ah just left the farm and lookey what i got me…ah got me one of them thar chippendales!! – Holly and PROOF! opposites attract! – Carol Two winners this time, congratulations to them both!  Please try your luck in our…