Blah Blah Blah, I mean, Blog Blog Blog!

What is it all about? Does it matter and who will care? A friend of mine and I are going to get this going and see if we can accomplish helping others through suggestions. We do not have all the answers, nobody does. I used to know everything when I was younger and going through the teenage years. I’m older now and realize how much there is to know and how little we as individual do know. My buddy and I have is a desire to be helpful, we are 2 tech guys who love fixing problems and helping people in the process.

This is my first blog posting and I gotta say, I had to look blogging up and I get the idea I can write about what ever I want. I want to be helpful and friendly about it. That is why we called this site Unlike friendly suggestions from friends and family there will be NO I told you so or monitoring of whether the suggestions are followed. If you have any friendly suggestions about stuff we would love for you contribute them here. They can be tips and tricks to accomplish a task or like the blog definition said it can be anything.

So this is it – be friendly and helpful and if your suggestions can help someone, by all means share them.

Until later,


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