It’s Our Smiley Lady, Ruth’s Blog: Do Your Best, Be Your Best

Do your best, be your best and effect change through example. 

Little gestures of kindness toward others and acknowledgement of their existence may seem very small things, but are truly all we have to give. These acts have the power to profoundly change the experience of another person. How we act does affect how others feel and in turn how they act toward others. Think of it as kindness goes viral.

Sometimes little gestures of love, compassion or kindness seem to have little effect. It’s not true. The effect is usually silent, unseen and profound. Be kind and you will spread kindness.

Model behavior that you wish to see in others. But always remember you can only change yourself. Attempting to make another person do anything, is itself an unkind act. Instead do your best, be your best and effect change through example. Like the saying: Don’t be a Buddhist. Be a Buddha.

Smile. Be happy. Be kind.

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