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Talking to Strangers, Part 2

I was motivated to write a blog about this way of life by something that happened at the Ball Park. Then I wrote yesterday’s blog and completely forgot this anecdote.

After an Oakland A’s ball game, walking toward the BART Train station from the stadium is an exercise in close proximity to a ton of strangers. I could tell that many people felt up tight being so tight! I chose to chat it up with the people with whom I was squeezed.

This led to overhearing a conversation with a guy saying he couldn’t understand why anybody’d wear a visor (which happened to be the freeby given away that day to the first 10,000 people at the ballpark. I think I was person 10,001 so no visor for me!). The dude was bald and looked at hats as sunburn protectors. I chimed in that people with curly hair (like me) love visors since we get our eyes shaded without getting our curls smooshed. Curly curls are very important, don’t ‘cha know.

A few silly comments back and forth, and just like that he handed me his visor! I hadn’t expected it, I wasn’t fishing for it, it simply happened as a result of joking around with a stranger!

We made a connection, I got a visor (score) and we all shared a bunch of belly laughs. He a twenty-ish guy probably would not have imagined he’d be giving a gift to a 50-ish lady that he’d never met before. We both walked away from the exchanged charged up with happiness.

Oh, and I got a cool visor. Curls plus a convertible and you gotta know I love visors!

Smile. Be happy and strike up a conversation.

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