ZeP Drain Care: This Drain Build-up Remover Saves $$$

I don’t know which I hate more, plumbing or painting!  Actually they both stink!  But with plumbing, there is an emergency factor that cannot be discounted!  You’ve never heard anyone say, “We had 12 dinner guests but we had to paint the dining room before we served dessert!”  But, you may have heard “I can’t believe that the kitchen sink is clogged, we need to do something about it before we serve our coffee and pie!”

Recently my kitchen sink got clogged, it was at night, and plunging (I have a special plunger just for sinks) and liquid clog removers did not work.  I checked the trap and that was clear.  So I knew it was a problem somewhere down the line in the drainpipe.  Feel free to insert a string of four letter words where you think they seem appropriate in this story if you like!

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As our sinks are draining, gradually, over time they drain more and more slowly.  This change takes place so gradually that you may not even notice it.  And if you do, it is something that can wait until you have time to put the drain cleaner in the drain.  Then one day, generally at the worst possible time (like when you have dinner guests) the sink stops draining all together.  We have all experienced this.  Last time it happened in my kitchen (without guests) RotoRooter charged me over $300 to snake it out!

When they were done, I decided I would take a proactive role in preventing this from happening again.  So, I used this stuff, ZeP Drain Care: Best Professional Build-Up Remover.  I treated all my drains in the bathroom sinks, the kitchen sink even though it had just been routed and my toilet!  I experienced a noticeable improvement in drainage.  The container has simple directions and is easy to use.  You basically put several scoops of the material in the drain and let it sit.  I would much rather pay $8 for a container of prevention than $300 for a “I let this get too out of hand” cure!

A friend of mine was having problems with his drain and I told him about ZeP and he tried it and he said, “IT WORKED!!!  I thought for sure I wasted $8.00, but it really did the job. I gave it two applications and will do one more tonight, but it’s running out as fast as going in. So…I’m real happy! I’m going to do all my drains now. Thanks Ol Boy! You came through once again.”

So, there it is, ZeP has worked for my friends sinks and my sinks, and now you know about it!  We suggest you use it before you need a plumber!

ZeP Drain Care Products are available at Amazon!

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