Introducing: ** We Hunt for Books for You! **

Nothing like a book!  A beautiful printed piece or work written, designed and created to entertain, teach and better our personal worlds!  For every book there are millions of thoughts, lots of time in creation, planning and reading.  A book is a real WIN/WIN opportunity!  You can love or hate a book, use it as a reference and read only what you need, share a book, recommend it to others whether it’s to read it or not read it!

I love books, I read very slowly.  I am surrounded, by books, they look at me from the shelves, tables and nightstand.  They all deserve and desire attention for me, they want me to put my nose in them.  If not my nose they want me to lend them to others to put their noses in, to read and enjoy!

This love for books recently motivated a friend and I to start selling books.  We sell them on Amazon, if you see, that’s us!  We have about 200 books up there now and are selling them every day.  We hunt for books for you, and ourselves of course!  If you want a specific book, let me know, I will keep my eyes pealed for you!  Check out the books we have up on, maybe we already found it for you!  We have some rare books, some new books, some first editions and some very collectible books!  If it’s a book we will consider whether we will add it to the site.  All types of book are up there!  Take a look and see!  If a book is in dicey condition we won’t get it, we will not sell books that are messed up!  When you buy one of our books, your satisfaction is guaranteed.  If you have a book that you are looking for we will look for it for you, email me at!

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Thank you!

1 comment for “Introducing: ** We Hunt for Books for You! **

  1. C.Halen
    November 12, 2015 at 5:24 pm

    In doing research, noticed a book title, “Custer’s 7th Cavalry From Fort Riley to the Little Bighorn”, written by E. Lisle Reedstrom, listed in the library of the Army War College on line site. It interested me and found it available used from on Amazon.

    My interest stemmed from having a Great Grandfather, born in Bucks Co. PA, who served in Company H of the 7th Cavalry from 1871-1876, being discharged from Co. H at Ft. Rice, Dakota Territory in present day North Dakota in early 1976 after completing his 5 year term of just months before the massacre to come in June.

    The book came in perfect condition, perfectly wrapped and perfectly protected. I couldn’t be happier and hope to find more insight into history of the 7th cavalry during the period of my grandfathers service.

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