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Live in Anticipation

Having something to look forward to, gives your spirit such a lift. Wouldn’t it be great if, everyday, you did have that special something you were anticipating? I think we all do, but that we often don’t recognize that we do. Anticipation of even the smallest events or pleasures is still anticipation and will still put you in a good mood.

The Acacias are blooming! Every Spring, I love anticipating Acacia Smiley.

I spent this morning with the happy thought that I’d get to have warmed up, left over, spicy Thai noodles for lunch. Right now I’m thinking how nice it will be to take a 10 minute break pretty soon to read my book outside in the lovely California sunshine. Can’t wait. Oh, and I ordered a shirt that should arrive today. That’ll be great, too. And if it doesn’t come today, it’ll be great tomorrow – -and I’m anticipate the fun of opening it and trying it on. I’m also excited that we have no plans for tonight…hmmm what should I make for dinner? I know I’ll take cookbooks out for my reading break out on the lawn. That’ll be fun.

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Shirt Smiley

All these little things I’m anticipating and looking forward to, are just that-little things. But size doesn’t matter. What’s important is the act of looking at your future and letting anticipation fill you with joy.

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