It is Our Smiley Lady, Ruth’s Blog: Doing the Best that You Can?

Doing the best that you can? Try Believing Others Are Too.

Sometimes hanging out with cats helps to remind me that everybody is just doing the best that they can. People, like cats, are just busy being themselves 24/7; rarely does that include thinking about irritating you. So here’s a suggestion, don’t get irritated.

Kitties Smiley

Don’t get irritated by the little things people do that seem like slights or offense. At least 99 times out of 100, bugging you was not their motivation. When my cat gets overly excited and mauls my arm, it was never his desire to draw blood, to create scars, etc. No reason for me to get mad or to have my feelings hurt.

I started off by drawing a parallel to cats so I better put in some more about cats. I do love to talk about cats whenever I can. Cats go through their days doing all kinds of important cat work (bringing leaves into the house, investigating on the top of the frig and under the stove, sleeping in sink, unrolling toilet paper) much of it done with great urgency.

Leaf Smiley (I love how this little dude kind of looks like a cartoon fish!)

Sounds kind of like people; lots on the TO DO list so it’s go go go all day. And people, like cats, often unintentionally set into motion problems that they had not anticipated and sometimes about which they are unaware. No cat consciously knocks over a flower vase motivated by the desire to stain the tablecloth. We get that, right? So why is it so hard to imagine that the person who cuts you off on the freeway might very well have done so without any intention or motivation regarding you?

Flowers Smiley

Here’s text from my Smiley book of Optimism for children ( ):

A problem seems small,

When you cut it some slack.

You can choose to forgive,

and how you react.

Choose wisely. Your life (and happiness) depends on it!

Smile. Be happy!


Is there a cat prowling around under Stove Smiley?

P.S.: Can’t resist sharing a funny cat lover’s video:

& the same video “song-a-fied”:

I LOVE, love, LoVe songify!!!

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