Smiley Lady, Ruth’s Blog: Cookies Baked and Delivered

Cookies Baked and Delivered


We’re well into the 4th hour of the drama of the semi truck hanging over the edge of our steep, windy road. Two tow trucks and a gaggle of workers all trying to keep it from falling into the creek below.


Amazingly, everyone is being jolly. So much so, they all deserved some cookies and milk. In a break from my many trips back and forth down the hill, I threw together a batch of chocolate chip cookies to reward them for their good tempers. Life is full of nice people. A cookie is a nice way to say thanks.


A neighbor, a fellow in his 80’s, was just one of the people to joined us for the unfolding show. He apologized for being nosy. Not at all, let me get you a chair!  I felt 100% cool with everybody coming to watch. We’ve all had dozens of chilly Spring nights reading a book by the fire, but never an evening “block party” hanging out in the midst of a tow truck drama extravaganza!


Smile. Be happy. 


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