Ruth’s Blog: We are every age we have ever been!

We are every age we have ever been.

I am struck by my own reaction to events. Through out the day there are moments and events, and all manner of things, to stimulate the senses. And, we each interpret them through the screens of our existence. We are every age we have ever been. No matter how old we are, we experience with the heart and soul of the child we were.


Sometimes we are our wide eyed innocent selves. This is certainly the age and mind set I enjoy most and is what Spontaneous Smiley is all about. Here’s an example: As I typed today’s date, I fell in love with its cadence: Five, One (pause) twenty, Twelve. I found myself chanting this as I made coffee and toast. It’s a nice little ditty to dance to in the kitchen (Here’s where you think: this woman needs to get a life. I have a life. This is my life and I’ve decided to enjoy the little stuff because life is just lots and lots of little stuff!).


Other times we are our overly self conscious teenage selves (I sure wish this screen popped up less often.). It’s good to remember that you are not the star in the “movie” that is other people’s lives. They are busy starring as themselves, we are merely in supporting roles or even just one of the many “extras” in their movie. They are busy interpreting events as they relate to them and they hardly notice you at all (and certainly they aren’t keeping track of what you wear or how many times you flub up at Jazzercise = me this morning).


I look forward to getting older and older, to the day when I can look back on today’s Ruth and use her as the screen for the events in my day. Why? Because today’s Ruth is pretty easy going, pretty non-critical and pretty much at peace. For this I am deeply grateful.

Smile. Be Happy.

“Who we are in the present includes who we were in the past.” Fred Rogers


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