Animal Lifeline! Advocates for Homeless Animals Presents, “Canines on the Catwalk!”

I have to say that I am a big fan of all animals!  They are to be loved, adored and cared for!  But, unfortunately there are way too many who are not, many are abused and homeless and need advocates!  Animal Lifeline is one of these advocates and they are having a huge fundraiser and all the information about that is on the poster above.  I put the poster up just as I got it, in full resolution so you can download it, print it, display it and let others know about it with this beautiful poster.

They have teamed up with several other local animal friendly merchants and organizations to make a difference in our community, when it comes to the lives of animals!  This is a noble and wonderful cause!  I heard about this when I was out looking for books at the Animal Lifeline Thrift Shop, today!  I bought 15 books and there were numerous other items for sale, including clothing, jewelry, housewares, and it would be easier to say what they don’t sell, because, there are so many things available there.  And, yes, they have several animals around that are working, these kitties are making sure that they are continuing with this important mission.

Bravo Animal Lifeline and have a great event!

Animal Lifeline is located at: 1111 Easton Road, Ste 24, Warrington, PA 18976 (in the Warrington Pavilion)  Their phone #/URL is: 215-343-5050  /

Please visit them to donate funds or items and get some new things you need for your home and yourself while you are there!

And please like Animal Lifeline on Facebook!

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