It’s Our Smiley Lady, Ruth’s Blog: Optimism Breeds Confidence

Truck Stuck on the Side of the Road Smiley

I passed this on the freeway and had to get off at the next exit and circle back. Luckily I didn’t get a ticket when I pulled over onto the shoulder to get the photo. I did however have a lively conversation with a CHP Officer who at first thought I was nuts!

When you’re HAPPIER, you’re more Optimist.

And when you’re more OPTIMISTIC, you’re more CONFIDENT

Optimism Breeds Confidence. And hutzpuh, and tenacity, and gumption, and cheekiness, and panache, and persistence, and risk taking behaviors.
You know: Nothing ventured, nothing gained . . .
Optimism gives you confidence to take risks because if you believe the outcome will probably be good and also know that if things don’t turn out to be as rosy as you’d hoped, that’s ok, too. You become a risk taker in ways you’d never before imagined possible.
I know this is true for me. I’m doing things now, I never would have done 3 years ago. The Spontaneous Smiley Project (and all the great feedback I get from Smiley Contributors) has helped me to grow a

Go For It attitude.

Smile. Be happy.


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