Ruth’s Blog: Begin Doing What You Want to Do, Now!

A Smiley for every occasion

“Begin doing what you want to do now. We are not living in eternity. We have only this moment, sparkling like a star – and melting like a snowflake.”  Marie Beyonn Ray

Do you have an idea, a really cool idea? Something you plan to get around to? I’d say go for it. Now. Who knows what will become of the effort.  But the effort itself, the process of the doing, is enough if it gives you pleasure.

Do I put a lot of time into it pitching the Smiley idea and have the pitches sometimes netted nothing? You bet. I made a line of Smiley greeting cards. Took a ton of time and though I sent it out to every greeting card whose address/edress I could find, only one nibble. You can bet I’m holding onto hope that the nibble will become a bite!

If not, were those hours wasted?  Not even a little. I had fun in the doing. And someday Spontaneous Smiley may draw the attention of someone in the Greeting Card field and I’ll be ready.

I celebrate the good luck of being able to immerse myself in the process. Like a child given free rein and a mountain of art supplies. They will cut and paste, then fold it over, staple it, cut it into pieces, put it in an envelope, attached some foil and a pipe cleaner, paint on it, then use a little glitter and a lot of tape and be 100% involved and joyful. The end product is often of little relevance to the child. As a teacher, time and again, I witness kids having no interest in the finished product, being very ho hum about even bothering to bring it home. For them it was all about the process.

So pursue you dream project, your cool idea. Can’t guarantee anything will pan out. Can guarantee the effort will be worth it because having pleasure is a valid goal!!!

Smile. Be happy.

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