Our Smiley Lady Ruth’s Blog: “Wisdom Begins with Wonder.”

Golden Gate Bridge Smileys, the twins
Walked across this, my favorite bridge, for our annual return to the site where we were wed. 
My groom started at the south end in S.F.. I started at the north end.  We met in the middle (there’s a metaphor for you!) to say our vows.

“Wisdom begins with wonder.” – Socrates

Yeah, baby. I wonder about a lot of stuff. Here’s some good fortune for curious people everywhere: Curated websites (Funny. Just yesterday I was saying how I loved Spell Check and today Spell Check is telling me curated isn’t a word. Spell Check, come on. Catch up. It’s not 2011 anymore.).

So, as I was saying there are these really great sites where clever curators cull the coolest and the most intriguing stuff they find on the Internet. Most have a way to sign up for a daily or weekly email. Most can be followed on Twitter.

Following their feeds on Twitter is the best because the curators tweet several times an hour. You just click and view a specific item; no scanning to find if there’s anything which interests you within a larger presentation. Not too keen on Twitter? I wasn’t either until my kid loaded TweetDeck onto my computer. Now I can control what I’m seeing.

There are dozens of great curated sites. Here are a few of my favorites:

brainpickings.org . @brainpicker

holykaw.alltop.com . @GuyKawasaki

www.good.is . @GOOD


.@matthiasrascher (I think only on Twitter)

Hope you take a look.

SmileBe happy!




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