Our Smiley Lady’s Blog: “Good Things Come to Those Who Wait.”

Fire Truck Smiley, Here’s one of my pet peeves: Impatience, people who don’t pull over for emergency vehicles.

“Good things come to those who wait.” 9/4/11

Wait? Wait a minute. I think good things come to those who hope, who dream, who strive, who risk, who never give up. Wait? Waiting is the antithesis of making things happen. And, I do believe that we can make things happen in our lives. And, if we can make things happen, we can make happy things happen. We can fill our day to day, our minute to minute, with happy things that we have caused to happen.

I’m not negating the fact that patience can be a virtue (not one I happen to have, but that’s a whole nother post. Yikes, Spell Check says nother isn’t a word…). But, I would also contend that waiting is sometimes not a virtue; that impatience has gotten a bad rap.

Impatience should not be considered a negative descriptor! I am often impatient and it usually leads me to action and results. Impatience is a sharp knife in the face of malarkey. Whittle away the crap to see more clearly the truth or the problem.

All that said, the patience that is a virtue, really is a virtue. The patience of waiting your turn, waiting for rewards and payoffs, of giving other people the time they need to absorb a new idea, etc is a virtue to which we all should quest. Practicing small acts of patience will make you feel good about yourself and toward others: letting someone go ahead of you in line, parking in the far way spot so that someone else gets the one near the door, backing off the gas so another car can pull in, allowing another person to finish their sentence even though you’ve figured out what they are going to say and are dying to pounce in with your reply…

I hope we can all use impatience as the tool it can be, to live passionately.

I hope we all can be patient with others and ourselves (sometimes the hardest task!).

Smile. Be happy.


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