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Be determined. Be patient. And soldier on.

Remember “Character consists of what you do on the third and forth tries.” (John Albert Michener. Note: If this were my quote I might have said eighth or ninth. LOL)

From the last post and now this one, you can see I’ve been thinking a lot about how we all must simply soldier on. Letting ourselves be ruled by fear of embarrassment is folly. As is, giving up too quickly or behaving too cautiously in some vain attempt to present a glowing track record. The surgeon who only operates on easily removable tumors has a great track record but will never be the rock star.

I say, go for being the rock star in everything you do. To be the rock star in any field takes determination and patience, takes being focused on the goal. And the rock star never gets there by being cautious. To be the rock star you must leap off the cliff and go for your dream full tilt. Success doesn’t come because of luck or without a ton of work.

AND that ton of work includes putting yourself in vulnerable spots, riding out the consequences and learning as much from the flops as from the successes.

(See: http://blog.spontaneoussmiley.com/?p=8654? and http://blog.spontaneoussmiley.com/?p=7824)

Embrace this idea and feel the freedom of your ego not getting in the way of your actions.

Smile. Be happy.?


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