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Today was Great! Just Like Yesterday! Just Like Tomorrow!

Just sitting here trying to think of what to write. What? What? What? Can’t take my bath until I post a blog (I can be very bossy with myself).

It’s been such a wonderful day. How do I put into words the contented feeling I have at the end of such a day? What made it great? Why did today unfold so nicely? As I try to make a list I realize that all the cool stuff . . .

• beautiful sky of dense clouds and breath-taking sun rays,

• all 3 kids in town at the same time,

• loving Oprah’s new Life Class,

• several new connections with strangers who will become friends,

• lovely feedback from the mommy of one of my students,

. . . was nice, but not necessary.

I could go on and on. Everyday so much joy. So many things that make the joy meter bounce into the red zone!

But as I think of things to include in this list I realize, today would have been just as joyful even if the skies had never cleared or I’d not felt the buzz of new friendship. Today was great, quite simply, because everyday is great. The only real difference is if you noticed.

Smile. Be happy and decide to notice.


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