A Smiley Lady’s Blog: Creativity #1

Often people feel that creativity is something they simply do not have, something you either you have or don’t. What if instead you viewed it as something you ignited or did not ignite? How do you ignite it? By doing! Everyone can ignite creativity.

You can choose to be a creative person; it’s not an attribute like hair color or height! It’s an attitude, a go-get-it kind of thing! When you compose an email, cook a meal or put flowers in a vase, those are all opportunities to ignite your creativity.

So here’s our practice for today: Slow down just a little. Pause and act with intention.

• Give yourself the green light to add a little humor, wisdom or beauty to that email. Maybe a joke, a quote or a photo. Maybe something like this:

• Why not a little flair as you put the food on the plate. You’ve already done the hard part so take a second and have a little creative fun. Think of how food is presented in a restaurant. It’s never plop, plop, plop, three blobs on a dish. Chop something green to sprinkle on top. Dribble some sauce in a zigzag across the plate.


Mashed Potatoes Smiley

• You’ve bought the flowers. Do you really want to just shove them in a vase? Re-think the idea that getting those flowers in water is a task to be completed as quickly as possible so you can move onto the next in a series of forgettable duties. Might there be something outside your front door that would make a cool addition? Something to add height or color? If the vase is clear, what could you add to the water to make it more visually exciting? Food coloring, marbles, rocks, acorns, berries . . . You get it. Be creative.  Try this. Try that. Change your mind. Try something else. It’s fun!


Flowers Smiley

And here’s the best part of all: You can’t get it wrong. There is no correct way. 

Wait, here’s something even better: It feels great! There is nothing quite so wonderful as the pleasure felt as you look upon your creation!

Smile. Be happy! Be Creative!


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