A Smiley Lady’s Blog: Creativity #3

Creativity lies within us all. Sometimes we simply have to wake it up, call it to the fore and give creativity a place on your TO DO list.

It’s the doers that get called creative. Today’s practice: Be a Do-er!

Take a few minutes to think about the Creativity Walk I suggested last week. Think about all the things you noticed and all the things you brought home. Now do something!

Rock Smiley

Yep, no further instruction, no examples. Just do something with the treasures from yesterday’s walk. Nothing you do will be wrong. You might not like all of your attempts; that’s OK, too! Remember that nothing is precious, simply start over, try again . . .

You’ll know when you’ve gotten something pleasing, you’ll know it in an instant! Creativity gives you instant feedback!

Smile. Be happy. Enjoy yourself! Be creative.

I’m likin’ the colors of Lichen Smiley


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