Health Advisory! Are Sick and Tired of Being Sick!? Don’t Brush this off!



The problem is you are not the only one.  Lots of people are sick, they have a cold, they have a bug or they have the flu, how about you!?

Warm weather, dirty hands, people needing to work and not calling out, children hanging with sick children, riding on the bus or train, a scheduled doctor appointment, visiting people in the hospital a rehab or nursing home, people working out in the gym on the same machines you use, any one of these things and more can get you sick if the germs are there.  Once you get sick you are stuck, you do all you can to get rid of it, stay home, wash your hands, see the doctor, take prescriptions, rest, drink plenty of fluids and it all works out and you get well!

Sooooo, why then, would you use a toothbrush you used when you were sick!

Here is the friendlysuggestion for you.

Get yourself a new, germ free toothbrush! 

Why risk re-infecting yourself, bite the bullet, and get a new one and continue to “Be well!”

Please help us by shopping at Amazon through this link! Thanks!

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