Quick Suggestion: Two Easy Steps to Help Prevent Frozen Pipes

running water
It’s cold, I mean it is COLD!  Super COLD, to a ridiculously low degree.

Broken pipes in houses are a huge problem when it is this cold.  I have heard many stories in the last few days about pipes freezing and breaking.  And, the temperature is gonna drop again.  So here are two friendlysuggestions for one and all:

  1. Leave your water running a little bit from all of your faucets.  Running water doesn’t freeze, except in very, very extreme situations.
  2. Leave the cabinets doors below your sinks open and let the warmer air in the house heat the pipes under the sink.  Many of these pipes run along outside walls that are cold.

So whether you are a homeowner or renter, frozen, cracked and broken pipes are not fun!  They are expensive to fix and cause lots of peripheral damage.  I do both of these things in my place and I know it has saved me from my pipes freezing!  Enjoy and be well!

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