Oh, nO, bLaNkInG pOthOles are everywhere arOund this tOwn!

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If there is one thing we all can agree on it’s that potholes suck!  You could add any number of profane adjectives in there and they would all be suitable.  And, with the winter we have been having and lack of repairs to the roads the bLaNkInG potholes are worse than ever.  They are so bad that parents need to be careful when riding with infants in cars, that the infants first words are not “bLaNkInG pothole.”

But, I discovered something the other day that helps avoid potholes that I wanted to suggest to you, my friends.  That’s what we do here at friendlysuggestions.com!

I noticed that if I slow down, keep a little longer than normal following distance between me and the car in front of me and I pay attention to how that driver is responding to the road and it’s potholes, I have a much greater chance of avoiding them.  If the driver ahead of me hits one I will see his car jolt if the pothole is big enough.  And if he avoids it, which is often the case, I will be able to avoid it too!  So an increased following distance and a focused attention to the road and the car in front of me has helped me maximize the number of potholes I have been able to avoid.  And you can do this too!

A word of caution, there are other drivers out there and it is better to hit a pothole than a person or another car.  So, when you avoid potholes, be sure to avoid other cars and people first. And, if the bLaNkInG potholes are hazardous, please report them to your local police department so they can have them repaired!  Be safe and be well.

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