Memories Repeat Through Generations with a Wonderful Surprise

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The other day was looking to be a bad book sales day, things have been slow.  I had received an email from the seller site and it said that I was terrible because I was selling a book for more than the cover price.  The book was rare, new and sealed in shrink wrap and the customer was mad and wanted to return the opened product.   And, what was worse she was mean and nasty! I want my customers satisfied, so, I was upset!  I sent an email to try to work it out with this buyer and my message went off into the stratosphere of the internet.

Shortly after that, I received another email from the seller site and it made my day.  I had received a inquiry about a game I was selling, it read:

“I have a question about the Barney Memory Game you have listed.  Is this the image on the front of the actual box?  When I view the item from the check-out cart it appears to be in a different box.  I only ask because I want to purchase the exact same Barney Memory Game my Dad played with me when I was little.  I plan to tell him he’s going to be a grandpa by giving him this game and I want him to recognize the box.  I have attached an image of the box cover I was hoping to purchase.  Also, if this is the correct game box that I am hoping for, could I pay extra to guarantee delivery by this Thursday?   Thanks!”

Well, I was touched, excited and actually got goose bumps after reading this wonderful idea!  The game I had was the same game she was looking for.  I let her know and I told her how much I loved the idea and that any extra shipping needed to get it there on time was my gift to her.  She ordered it and I sent it out within a couple hours, for a 2 day delivery leaving an extra day before she gave the gift, just in case.

It did take the extra day, I watched the tracking, it did delayed in the mail but it made it on time!  This story warmed several of my friend’s hearts when I told them about it and I hope it warms yours too!

I just heard back from this future Mom and she gave the game to her Dad making a little “note” for the back of the game that said “Will you play this game with your grand baby ”  He LOVED it!!

Have a wonderful day! And, congratulations to this future Mom and her Dad, a future Grandpa!

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