Hal’s Easy Eggplant/Zucchini Recipe



I just whip stuff together in my crockpot, I love the crockpot and the things I make in it! This one is really good, I don’t like using my oven, especially when it is very hot outside! Here you go: My easy Eggplant Zucchini Recipe, I’ve gotta share the recipe because I can’t invite you all over to try it, make it and try it on your own, you will dig it!

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All my ingredients were around $ 10

1 eggplant

2 zucchini

several garlic cloves – chopped up

1 jar of tomato sauce, I got the cheapest

1 small container of ricotta cheese

1 small bag of mozzarella cheese

1 small (1 pound) package of sausage, chicken, or other meat if you like (optional)

some olive oil, spices like basil, oregano, pepper, hot red pepper, you probably already have these or should!

top row 1real

How to:

Put a little olive oil to cover the bottom of the empty crockpot – just to cover it thinly

Wash the vegetables and slice them about 3/8 of an thick put them aside

Put a layer of raw eggplant on the bottom of crockpot

Throw the chopped garlic in on top of the layer

Add a layer of zucchini on top of the eggplant layer

Put some dollops of ricotta cheese on top of these layers

Add some of your spices, basil, oregano, hot pepper, etc.

And put a small amount of the pasta sauce on top of these layers

Put the meat layer on next, I used sausage (I love sausage) and I cooked it in the microwave first for 6 minutes. You may want to cook other meats but definitely cook pork!

Throw some mozzarella cheese in there now

Add another layer of eggplant

Add some more some dollops of ricotta cheese on top of these layers

And so on, till all the eggplant and zucchini is gone alternating layers are gone

Then pour the rest of the tomato sauce on top of the filled crock pot

Don’t add water, all the ingredients will create juices, delicious juices!

bottom real

Let it cook on high for a while and then turn it down to low and after about half a day, 4 hours, there will be lots of bubbling around the edges.

At this point, top it off with some mozzarella cheese and put the top on let the cheese melt.

Now, let it cool down for a while so it sets up a little and it can be sliced and picked out of the crockpot with a spatula or 2. If you don’t let it cool down it will fall apart when you take it out of the crockpot, it will still be delicious but less manageable.

So there it is, enjoy, it’s easy, healthy and delicious! Enjoy and have fun!

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