Good Enough


A V-formation of geese fly below a crescent moon

in a pale blue sky as a pink sun descends

The following morning Clara pets Snickers and laughs in a German accent

as she wears a grey hoodie that says MAINE

A couple blocks away Snickers sees Eileen and Eileen sees Snickers,

both are very excited,

Eileen is sporting a pink chartreuse hoodie that says NEW YORK

We continue our walk and notice that the dew on the lawn, which has frozen into frost,

is protected by the shadows cast by nearby trees,

while the rest of the grass is lush, very green and wet

Snickers paid the grass, the hoodies, the sky and the moon, no mind

He is in the moment with a joy to be with Clara, Eileen and me

That’s good enough for he

And, it should be for we


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