Say What, World Listens, Who Hears

“How was the tilapia?”

“Somebody died in a fog.”


“Sine Pari,” says the bumper sticker,

“I ask what does that mean?”

She says, “Without equal!”


Bullet Head Doogan, said,

“One day I think I have it figured out

and the next day, I don’t.”


“I met my husband in Ottsville.”

“Underneath he’s a torrent of anxiety.”


“Somebody died in a fog.”

“How was the tilapia?”


“Lately, she has been oddly affectionate.”

“Not too happy with Meineke, right now.”


“I’m gonna pick up my buddy,

he’s gonna wring the sponges while I grout,

git `er done.”


“Yeah, I have been reading about it.”

“It’s cool & odd.”

“Yeah, well, your dog’s balls are ugly!”

“Somebody died in a fog.”

“How was the tilapia?”


“How was the tilapia?”


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Note: These are thing I heard over the course of several years and wrote down to put here!