Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder and the Gift Giver

beautiful fountain

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I was just talking with some folks and the topic of holiday gifts came up.  We all were talking about gifts that we have all gotten that are so far off the mark that they end up being funny.  We all have gotten them and we all have given them, sometimes intentionally and sometimes without knowing it.  If you have given weird gifts intentionally it is great, because you can pretend that giving the awkward gift is unintentional.  This is done easily, by denying that it was intentional if directly confronted. or by acting like you are wondering what is going on when the awkward gift moment occurs.

Many of these awkward gifts are funny, many of them or atleast some of them are most likely “re-gifts.”  I think it would be funny to give an awkward gift back to the person who gave it to you.  You can hold onto it for a year and re-gift it to them on the same date the following year, like Christmas or their birthday.  Not to be cruel, but in the spirit of gift giving fun and humor.

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My neighbors and I have done this with a fountain and had a lot of fun doing it.  This fountain pictured above was owned by one of the tenants in the house and she (we will call her Beth) moved out.  “In our opinion” Beth’s old fountain is one ugly thing, you be the judge, it’s pictured above, feel free to reply below and tells us what you think of it.  Anyhow, after this gal, Beth, moved out she left this fountain and no one was really sure whose it was.  We figured that it was Beth’s after some questioning.  One of my neighbors asked me if it was mine, I was hurt, not really, I was offended, not really, and I though it was hysterical that she would ask me if it were mine.  Hey, I only have cool stuff, how could she think that this ugly thing was mine.  I was talking with one of my other neighbors about this incident and we decided to grab the fountain for some creative re-gifting.  The gal who asked me if the fountain was mine, was marrying her boyfriend, in a few months.  They lived together in the house and he too, like his bride to be, was familiar with the ugly fountain.

So, my other neighbor and I decided we would give this fountain to the newlyweds as a wedding gift, as a gag wedding gift.  At first, when they opened the bag with the fountain, they didn’t know what to say.   Once they got our real present and saw the fountain as a joke, they saw the humor in it and all was well.  Once they realized this gift was for fun, they demonstrated the fastest re-gifting in history.  There were new people, just moving in across the hall from them, so they wrote a note on the tag with the new tenants name on it, and said something like “welcome to your new home” and left the note and fountain in front of the new tenants door, with no indication of who it was from.  The new tenants took the thing in, opened it and were aghast.  But they did not want to get rid of the fountain, incase someone (a friend) were to ask if they had gotten it.  It was given anonymously, so they felt obligated to hold onto it!  But, you can be sure they are waiting for the perfect opportunity to re-gift it to some unsuspecting lucky recipient.  It could be me, yikes! Hey, it is back with me, they gave it to me to take the picture and I’m sure it is mine again, oh man! Now I have to find a new recipient for this beautiful fountain, be warned.  So be kind this season and give some funny gifts, remember that you need to keep humor in the holidays, and don’t take everything so seriously!

Be well!

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