Generations Combine to Take Pictures, Share Time, and Create Memories


I’m a new fan of Friendly Suggestions who really enjoyed Kippy and Bonnie’s Guide to Making Holiday Gifts.  Next year I may put our puppy Toby in the picture. In the meantime I have been taking photos of our journeys near and far.  I use Shutterfly to create albums, calendars and cards this time of year.  But it’s my daughter Holly who has created this season’s most special gift, a photo album of her grandmother with poetry and words in a simple album she purchased with her own money at a school fair.

In Maine last summer, Oma posed on the lawn of Jordan Pond, a spectacular Acadia National Park setting.  “Trees grew all around,” Holly, 13, writes to her grandmother in her own hand.  “Their branches reached up to heaven in full splendor.  The sun’s light faintly shone through the leaves and overlooked all doings in the world.  You sat in the middle of that splendor, and smiled.”

I remember the delicious popovers and scenery.  Holly captures why the day was extraordinary.  Her book is yet another example of a thrifty gift idea, something all grandparents (and parents) will treasure.

On another page, Holly remember a hike with Oma, 87 years young, along the Appalachian Trail in Baxter State Park, Maine.  “Deep in an area crowded with shurbs and towering trees, you found peace and beauty.  You strolled through that forest knowing we were here, and that God was watching you.”

I’m anticipating Oma’s reaction on Christmas morning — like the joy of a 10-year-old who unwraps a new bike.  Or as Holly writes, “You smile, and the sun is put to shame.”

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1 comment for “Generations Combine to Take Pictures, Share Time, and Create Memories

  1. Bonnie Weller
    December 17, 2009 at 4:26 pm

    Marilyn- you’re story was beautiful and I was especially taken with Holly’s quote “You smile, and the sun is put to shame.”
    Happy Holidays

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