Folks, April is Parkinson’s Awareness Month

IN PLAIN SIGHT, we see public art in the city of Philadelphia. Beautiful photography by Ed Hille, which does more than the image seen, purchasing this book benefits the research for a cure for Parkinson’s disease. Help this cause and enjoy this lovely book!

I struggled to figure out a way that I could make a difference and help researchers in their quest. It didn’t take me long to realize that having worked as a photojournalist for over 40 years that my skills are limited and my pockets are empty… there isn’t a white lab coat in my past or my future. It became clear to me that my contribution would center around the skills I have developed (no pun intended over these many years.

April is Parkinson’s Awareness Month and as someone who is living with the disease I’m making it one of my personal goals to help spread the word about this neurological nightmare with a funny name and no cure. 

In November 2020 Camino Books, a local publishing house, released my first and to this date only book, IN PLAIN SIGHT : Public Art in Philadelphia. It’s a 120 page book of black and white photographs that examines the relationship of public art in Philly and the role it plays in the everyday life that weaves around and through it. With the exception of a few photographs all were shot after I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s. 

IN PLAIN SIGHT : Public Art in Philadelphia is available from Barnes and Noble, Amazon, and from my website,

All proceeds from the sale of the book benefit Parkinson’s research. Quantities are limited. Price $29.95 + shipping

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