Last Minute Ideas: What Ladies Wanted in Holiday Gifts

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Last minute shopping is here and many folks still need to do their shopping, I still need to do some and don’t know what the people I still need to buy for want.  So, I sent out an email to 15 men and 15 women asking them what they want, hoping that it will give us all an idea for the people left on all of our lists!

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Thanks to all that participated and told us what they want, we all hope you get it!

Happy Holidays Everyone!

So here we go: What the Ladies wanted in Holiday Gifts

Lisa wants:

A Spa day, just for me (massage, manicure, pedicure, facial) and a gift certificate to ‘Victoria’s Secret’, and A new kitchen.

Patty wants:

Hmmm, how about the Talking Heads CD – 77?   Never replaced my vinyl copy to CD

Sue wants:

This Christmas what I really want is to be taken out, with my family, husband and grown up kids, to a really, really nice restaurant.  Yes, my ipod is broke and I could use a digital one, and I just broke the coffee grinder…but what I really want is that nice warm comfy restaurant, good wine, an attentive waiter, luxurious meal, fab chocolate dessert and great conversation.

Anna wants:

TIME, More time to do the things I want to do, and the money to do it with.

Sally wants:


Judy wants:

A vacation away from all her responsibilities. (Elderly parents, job, etc.)

Geneveive wants:

Warm socks/sweaters, can’t ever go wrong with jewelry, magazine subscription to a hobby magazine that holds an interest for the lady in question, a gift certificate for either a massage, hair salon, etc., tickets to either a ballet, opera, play, concert – whatever the lady is interested in – with dinner of course! Car detailing, offer to either clean or have the house cleaned by a professional to give her a break, new bras and underwear – nice ones…

Bonnie wants:

Honestly, I would like millions and millions of dollars to help those who need help (and quit my job, who am I kidding) But seriously, I want shelter and loving conditions for all those without homes- especially those who cannot advocate for themselves– the other animals in the worlds.  And, I would like all people to understand that Humans are animals- we are the same family.  Let us all be kind to all.  Thank you Santa for granting my wish.

Patty Ann wants:

hmmmm…..good question.  I will give you three things:

1.  A great book.  I am a reader and there is nothing like a book you can’t put down on a cold night!

2.  A good bottle of wine….goes with the book.

3.  Jewelry, doesn’t have to be expensive, but I love unique items.

Merry Christmas….it’s not what the present is, it’s what thought went into it!

Sandy wants:

If my husband were to ask me what I wanted, I would tell him any one of these: A gift certificate to Macy’s, A new toilet seat for the bathroom, no kidding (or whatever needs fixing around the house), A gift certificate to my hair salon, A pair of UGGs boots, cozy PJ’s- not frumpy just warm, silver drop earrings, a nice watch, tickets to a Broadway show like “Jersey Boys.” Merry Christmas!

Happy Holidays!

Hope this has helped!  Here is a link to Amazon so you can order something for someone, if you like, and before you forget!

Please help us by shopping at Amazon through this link! Thank you!

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  1. nadine
    December 19, 2009 at 10:26 pm

    I would love a repeat of my first date with my husband. Or a repeat of any good date… with my husband. 🙂

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