Last Minute Ideas: What Guys Wanted in Holiday Gifts

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Last minute shopping is here and many folks still need to do their shopping, I still need to do some and don’t know what the people I still need to buy for want.  So, I sent out an email to 15 men and 15 women asking them what they want, hoping that it will give us all an idea for the people left on all of our lists!

Thanks to all that participated and told us what they want, we all hope you get it!

Happy Holidays Everyone!

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So here we go: What the Guys wanted in Holiday Gifts

David wants:

A donation to Snowball Express.  This is a charity organization dedicated to

helping the children of American soldiers killed in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Duke wants:

A Wii Fit – so exercising can be fun, I’d also like a good light for my bicycle that I sometimes ride at night (to the dismay of my wife!)

Beto wants:

Money, money is nice!  But I’d also like some socks, “no one ever buys socks for themselves” and ”I need some.”

John wants:

An iPod touch or a new Mac.  Both are expensive but I really want the iPod touch!

Paulie wants:

A sailboat and to have the time to sail it!

Jerry wants:

Gift certificate to store where he likes to shop for clothes, Boscov’s in this case!

Mike wants:

Socks and underwear!!  Some new clothes!!  An XBOX 360!!  A Kayak!! (Notice how they get more and more extravagant as I get more excited)

Jim wants:

A new 27″ iMac would be nice.  Or even a 21.5″  I have my eye on a new Lexus IS 250 convertible if anyone’s asking.  A massage would work too:-)

Craig wants:

New speakers for my computer!  So I can listen to music loud when I work.

Chris wants:

Generous donations to “Homefront of Trenton” and the Salvation Army.

Larry wants:

What does it say about you when nothing came to mind?

Greg wants:

I would love to have this robotic suit!

Happy Holidays!

Hope this has helped!  Here is a link to Amazon so you can order something for someone, if you like and before you forget!

Please help us by shopping at Amazon through this link! Thank you!

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