Yogurt – Or is it? You Should Read the Labels to be Sure

drphilinlabcoat.JPGDr. Philip A. Pappas, Ph.D

I have many fond memories of my mother making fresh yogurt.  She used whole milk and the all important yogurt culture she saved from the previous yogurt batch she made.  Those cultures contain amazing bacteria and enzymes that provide yogurt’s unique health benefits.  Yogurt is so healthy that the Mongol armies lived on mare’s milk yogurt, made in leather bags while riding their horses across Asia to invade Europe They often lived on just yogurt quiet successfully.  Yogurt helps build a healthy immune system and aids digestion. The statistics show yogurt is one of the fastest growing products in most food stores. So I decided to visit my local market and check out yogurt.  After reading the labels I was confused.  Instead of whole milk and live cultures like mom used, I found cornstarch, powdered skim milk, and artificial sweeteners.  I thought yogurt is a milk product that contains no vegetables or additives.  When I was growing up I lived near a dairy farm and I helped out there in the summer.  I never saw corn or artificial sweetener come out of a cow.  So is this yogurt or just water with thickeners?  In fact, the labels list no measurable bacteria or enzymes.

If you advertised gasoline, but substituted kerosene for the gas, that would be theft by deception and a felony.  You might go to jail.  Real yogurt is not made from powdered milk and cornstarch.  So isn’t this a felony?  I don’t see anyone getting arrested.  And that is because the US Congress allows large food producers to deceive the public because they donate money for their elections and re-elections.  If we can’t trust politicians with yogurt, how can we trust them with running the government?

What about Jamie Lee Curtis and “L. casei immunitus”?  A total scam and nothing more than lab created bacteria added to the fake yogurt.  This still is not even close to real yogurt.

So why is this important?  If you were diabetic and you wanted the health benefits of naturally low glycemic yogurt, but ate a store yogurt made with cornstarch, an extremely high glycemic thickener, you would risk elevating your blood sugars. Many individuals are just not knowledgeable enough to understand the labeling.  If you were avoiding sugar to lose weight you might also be confused by the “no sugar added” or the “low fat” labeling.  Cornstarch converts to sugar and corn helps farmers fatten up their livestock.  So fake yogurt might make you look like livestock.

So what can consumers do?  Forget about the government, they will always be in bed with the food producers.  You need to get educated about what you eat because it is important to your health.  Don’t take labeling for granted, it is usually deliberately deceptive.  The truth is often in the small print.   Real yogurt is available if you are willing to read.  Now you know so try enjoying some real yogurt, and not the artificial look alike.

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